About me

My name is Danny Kirkham and I love family, teaching, coaching, and selling real estate.  Let me tell you why.


Top Row: Spencer, Mr. N, Tavia, Dallin
2nd Row: Payson, Danny, Alana, Aurora
Front Row:    Jaegar, Mariah, Ms. C.

Alana and I have been married for over 29 years.  We have 8 children, including 4 boys and 4 girls and one son-in-law.  Here is a quick introduction to our family:

Spencer, our oldest, attends ASU Law School  He plans to pursue a career in patent law.  In high school, he participated in cross-country and  received varsity letters in Swimming and Orchestra. He is an avid reader, hiker, rock hound and jewelry maker.  He is engaged to be married next year.

Mariah graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She and her husband, Jaegar, live in Tucson where Jaegar attends medical school at the University of Arizona. and Mariah begins her career working for an engineering consulting firm. In high school Mariah participated in cross-country and received varsity letters in Swimming and Orchestra.  Jaegar wrestled and played football in high school.  Together they like to cycle, kayak, hike and cook.

Payson works as an electrician's assistant. He will be heading back to Utah Valley University in the fall. In high school he participated in Cross-Country and received varsity letters in Track and Orchestra.  He is a avid chef, rock climber, and participates on a club pole vault team.r

Dallin is studying computer science.  He coached the ALA Gilbert North Pole Vault team with me in 2021.  He is an ALA graduate who received varsity letters in Wrestling, Cross Country, Track and Orchestra. He loves woodworking, gaming, and jewelry making.

Tavia is an ALA grad and is studying Criminal Justice and Criminal Science at ASU. She works as a Police Aid with the ASU Police Department. She received varsity letters in Wrestling, Cross-Country, Track, Swimming and Orchestra.  She loves true crime shows, singing in the ASU Institute choir, hiking, kayaking and rock climbing. She married a fellow ASU student in July 2023.

Aurora is a Senior at ALA-GN. She enjoys swimming, orchestra, art, kayaking and sign language.

Our two youngest children, (whose names I like to keep off the internet for safety reasons), enjoy many of the same activities as other family members.

Alana teaches Art 1 and Art 2 at ALA-GN.  She loved teaching art at ALA Mesa, but has found her niche teaching junior high and high school students.  She loves baking, crafts, kayaking, swimming, cake decorating, and party planning.  She swam in high school and dove in college. She has a bachelor in Architecture and an MBA from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA

I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree and a MBA Degree also from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. In high school I participated in Wrestling, Cross-Country, Pole Vaulting,Track and Field and played trombone in the Marching Band.  I enjoy hiking, kayaking, backpacking, cycling, skate boarding, and attending my kid's events.


I have always loved to teach.  I have taught professional development classes to industry leaders, financial development and music classes to Spanish speaking community members, and emergency preparedness seminars to church, civic and community groups. I also taught a religion class to high school students for four years before they started school each morning.  In August of 2016, the director of the elementary school where my kids attend, gave me the opportunity to teach a class of 6th graders when their teacher left unexpectedly.  It was a challenge I truly loved and some of these students have become some of my favorite people.  At the semester break, I was able to take over a newly vacated PE position, where I found my true spot in teaching.  I wake up excited each day to see these students experiment and excel with new sports and activities.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing these athletes practice whatever we are teaching, during their recess time.


I started by coaching other real estate agents, then found the opportunity to apply these skills to sports when our son Dallin began his freshman year in high school.  The track coach informed him that although his then 11th grade brother was a pole vaulter, they would not be starting any new vaulters since they didn't have a coach.  A few emails and a training program later, I began to coach the San Juan Hills High School Pole Vault Team.  It wasn't long before our team grew to have over 20 members.

When we moved to Arizona two years later, I found out that ALA-GN had a brand new pole vault pit and poles that had never been opened because they didn't have a coach.  Dallin and Tavia were kind enough to let me coach their team again.  When Dallin's senior season was cut short due to COVID-19, he continued training at Arizona Pole Vault Academy and increased his personal best to 13'6" and learned some valuable coaching skills. He then took over as the vaulting head coach, and was his assistant.  With two vaulters on the team, it was truly a family event.

That year we had two vaulters compete in the Arizona State Division 3 Track Meet.  Cayden Miller placed 9th, and Tavia Kirkham placed 13th. The school record was set several times that year and our vaulters achieved new personal records almost every meet.  In 2022, Aurora decided not to vault so she could focus on swimming.  I elected to let a new coach take over the ALA pole vault team to spend more time with my family.

Real Estate

I started as an investor and service provider to other investors.  My wife and I have bought and sold over 25 personal properties in the past 20 years and I'm familiar with all aspects of home ownership and investment. I have owned and operated various successful businesses in Orange County and now I'm helping homeowners and investors realize their own dream to owning a home.

When we moved to East Mesa from Ladera Ranch, California in June of 2018, I continued to travel to California every week up until I began teaching full time.  I have been able to sell over 20 properties in California since moving to Arizona, and I still count on a large network of dedicated clients in that state. 

How it all comes together

It can get interesting having two full-time jobs and a big family. I'll admit, there are times when my worlds collide.  Once in 2021, I had dressed up as Jack Frost for school, then had a new client ask to meet me at one of my listings as soon as school let out. I had to warn them that there was pretty much zero chance that I could get "Jack Frost" out of my hair by the time we were to meet. The gentleman laughed then thanked me for making it easy for him to recognize me when we met. One more service I provide!

Then there was the time when I had a walk-through with a buyer on their new home that was scheduled for right after a track meet.  When I arrived on time, you could clearly see the 12 and 13 foot poles hanging out the passenger window of my Lexus as I pulled up.  

My favorite story is that night in March of 2018 when I was coaching a track meet at our high school on the night I was to receive a prestigious sales award for being in the top 10% of a large brokerage. I love a little recognition, but my vaulters were top priority that night. It rained really hard and Alana and I got soaking wet. When the meet finished, I dashed home and drove to Monarch Beach as quickly as I could. I walked into the First Team Real Estate Hall of Fame dinner 30 seconds before they called me to the stage to receive my award. 

Some might ask how I can give full service to my real estate clients when I have so much else going on.  I'm happy to connect you with the clients I have helped buy, sell or rent a home since I started teaching.  I have sold or rented over 45 homes worth over $18,000,000 since becoming a full-time teacher. Summers are the busiest season, of course, but I often show homes, write contracts, do walk-throughs and inspections after school, on Saturdays, and even on my lunch break.

The old saying goes, "If you want something done, ask a busy person." I think that applies to me.  

Please give me a call and let's talk about how I can meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

Daniel Kirkham, Broker, Realtor, MBA   (949) 230-3201

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