28 Years of Halloween Costumes

 The Kirkhams love wholesome family traditions.  Here is one of our favorites!

Speaking of Halloween, Come watch us throw gross moldy pumpkins off our roof!

When: Saturday,  November 5th at 2 pm sharp!
Where: E. Stealth Avenue between S. Curie and S. Dassault in Eastmark (East Mesa) 
(Message for address.)

What started as a Jr. High Science experiment, has exploded all over our driveway ever since. We need your tired moldy Pumpkins to throw off our roof! We'll take them whole, carved, moldy, and in a bag. The juicier, the better the splash. You bring 'em, we'll fling 'em!
Let me know when you are done with them and we'll pick them up. 

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